Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Not-So-Epic Snowball Fight

Once everyone was all bundled up like we were going to Antarctica...

...We went outside and had a snowball fight with our neighbors the Waterers!

Everyone had fun.

Robert and Jonathan threw snowballs the whole time, literally!

ummmm.... yum?

Even mom stopped making a snowman with Cameron to pitch one or two at dad. 

Cameron spent most of her time making snow sculptures,
but she couldn't resist throwing a few snowballs...
Even if she didn't really hit anybody.

This isn't the best picture, but it's hilarious.....
I think he got hit with one to many snowballs.

After an hour or two of snow we went inside to refresh before the big neighborhood snowball fight.

The day before all the snow I contacted all the neighborhood kids that I knew and told them to meet me the
next day with all of their neighborhood friends for a snowball fight! There were about 15 kids there, and as soon as we got there we went to work building snow-forts. The problem was that the forts were about 30 feet away from each other.
So they really didn't help when the fight started.
IF they were closer together the girls would have totally won 'cause ours was much bigger and better.
But they weren't.
The boys pretty much won from the beginning 'cause they attacked when there were only to girls on duty, me and Kymya.
We were like sitting ducks.
All we had was a 1ft tall snow fort and some ready made snow balls, which we tried throwing but.... it's easier to miss the target than to hit it.
Then all the sudden they were closing in on us. Fast.
A minute later they got so close that I could throw a snowball with my eyes closed and hit them,
but we were all out of snowballs.
Luckily they ran out of ammunition just before they reached us so they retreated to get some more.
By the time they came back some of the girls had found out what was going on and came to help us. We didn't have much time...
I don't quite remember what happened next...
But it was somewhere between a snowball fight and a fist-fight....
people were grabbing hold of each other and shoving snowballs in the face of their opponent.
We had a few minor injuries, Jonathan scraped his eye or something and AK was nearly choked...
At this point in the story I would like to tell you how all the other girls dropped out, leaving me to defeat the whole male armada.
But that would be a lie.
The girls lost.
As I said, it was pretty much over the minute it started.
But it was fun.