Saturday, January 22, 2011

QUICK get the camera! The SKY is on FIRE!

So I was gettin ready to go see Gulliver's Travels with some friends...
Then I looked out the window and I was GONE with my camera.
I had grabbed it and RAN outside.
I was barefoot in short sleeves.
But that did't matter cause the sky was on fire.

 I ran outside to the street corner and started clicking away.

 It was changing every few seconds...
And it was AWESOME!
 My fingers got a little cold...
But that didn't matter 'cause I got some good pics!

Stuck in a snow globe

6 inches of snow in Mississippi.... Crazy right?!? It started snowing Sunday afternoon, and by about 9 o'clock the ground had about 4 inches of foreign white stuff.
At first I was a little depressed about the snow...
'cause it's so cold.
 But I did what tons of other Mississippians did, I bundled up and went out into the cold to catch snowflakes on my tongue.
At first I didn't want to step on the snow,
I didn't want to mess up the smooth soft fluff.
But I learned.

We had so much fun.
And after some thought...
I don't think that it would be that bad to be stuck inside a snow globe...
Maybe just for a day.