Friday, December 31, 2010


I am finally re-decorating my room! Except for the fact that it's not really RE-decorating because it wasn't really decorated in the first place.
I'm painting it red, black and grey. Kinda odd colors for a girl to pick isn't it? But I picked them cause of how pictures will stick out... once I actually put them up. The red wall will be strictly for black and white pictures, because I love the way red and black and white complement each other. While the black wall will make the colored pictures stick out, but I can't paint the whole room black so the other walls are grey.

My friends Emilee, Ashlee and Mackenzie came over to help me. We had a great time slashing paint on the walls, and each other while listening to our favorite music!

We got a LOT done and at the end of the day I was very pleased that we finished all the grey.
The next day I painted all the red all by myself and it wasn't near as fun without my friends.

But it wasn't so lonely that night 'cause dad and the boys helped me paint the black wall.

 We finished it!